Friday, October 2, 2009

Voice Lessons to go!

Voice Lessons To Go Makes a Fun and Unique Gift

Our testers families raved about Voice Lessons to Go!
Until now, private voice training has been expensive, and not everyone has access to quality vocal teachers in their communities. Now Ariella Vaccarino, an opera singer and experienced teacher based in Los Angeles has changed that. She is the creator of Voice Lessons To Go, an innovative website and line of fun, flexible vocal training products designed to put quality singing within reach for the masses. “Singing brings joy to people’s lives and gives confidence,” Ariella believes.
Developed from her own life experiences, Ariella’s CDs promotes healthy, comfortable, natural singing which the person who unwraps your gift will appreciate. “Singing should be an extension of speech,” she explains. “I teach my students to produce full sound, using the strengths of their own bodies, with nothing pushed, nothing painful, and no mimicking.”
Perhaps you have children who are aspiring singers in your life looking for a more individualized experience than can be achieved through the CD lessons alone? How about the gift of a vocal assessment performed by a professional vocalist with 15 years of voice teaching experience?
The lucky recipient of your gift can submit her voice and questions via the Internet and receive a vocal assessment of varying complexity depending upon your budget:
For $9.99 (the price of a stocking stuffer), she can submit one minute of her voice, and Ariella will share her first impression. Looking for deeper feedback? Spend $39.99 enabling her to send along 3 songs and 7 questions and Ariella will give her full assessment and recommend song choices and exercises for her unique voice—all guaranteed within one week.
You can pick up her four-volume Voice Lessons To Go CD box set for $59.99, or if you’ve got a long gift list and you’re watching your spending, you can give just one CD from the series for $19.99 (then follow up with the others on future holidays and birthdays and other special occasions). Parents with Style highly recommends this as a top Holiday pick.
The range of products and pricing in the Voice Lessons To Go line makes becoming a better singer a fun, affordable reality for everyone this holiday season. Anywhere, anytime voice lessons make the perfect gift for Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa.
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