Thursday, December 9, 2010


If you are an Xbox fan and you are looking for a new game this holiday season. Check out Power Gig!!! My hubby and his friends were jamming out over the past two weekends. What they like about the game is the guitar..its a REAL GUITAR. No flimsy mock guitar here! The guitar makes you feel like you are you are a ROCK STAR up on stage!! I had a ton of great pictures of the guys playing but lost them when my hard drive crashed last week. UUGGH!!! I didn't want to wait to get this post up so you can get out to pick your POWER GIG up today. So you will have to take my word on this that POWER GIG is a hit and will keep you entertained. Money well spent.


  • Includes Power Gig: Rise of the SixString videogame.
  • Wireless SixString Guitar Controller/Electric Guitar. Plug into any standard amp to jam with your friends when not playing the game.
  • Includes guiar strap and extra guitar strings & picks.
  • Includes USB microphone.

Product Description

The next evolution of band is here Power Gig: Rise of the SixString - the first game to feature a real electric guitar controller! Power Gig: Rise of the SixString will transport players to an entirely new universe, with its own mythology, politics, settings, heroes and villains, where music rules all.

Power Gig uses new technology that represents the next evolution of music performance games to provide all players with a more authentic and fun experience.
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Game Overview
On the gameplay front, Power Gig uses new technology that represents the next evolution of music performance games to provide all players - from casual gamers to the hardcore, from those who have never before picked up a guitar to those who play guitar on a regular basis - with a more authentic and fun experience. The game offers two overarching modes of play. In addition to traditional beat-matching that will be familiar to fans of the band game genre, Power Gig also introduces the option to switch on chording, or chord play. Chording presents the added challenge of playing the game using chords that require specific finger placement on the strings. As players progress through the game, becoming more comfortable with a genuine guitar and potentially choosing to play real power chords, they will find that the byproduct of playing the game is coming away from it with an understanding of some real-life guitar fundamentals.

The World of Ohm
Power Gig: Rise of the SixString takes place in Ohm, a world where music is power. Rockers are the guardians of musical clans, serving their leaders with the mysterious powers of music and Mojo. You and two of your friends take on the role of these Rockers as they encounter power struggles and intrigue. In Ohm, alliances are forged and broken, rulers rise and fall, and heroes are made as competition rages among the rocker clans. Music is power…it's time to play.


Power Gig ups the ante on the music front with a host of killer tracks, led by three music superstars that are exclusive to our game - Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band and Kid Rock. This marks the first time ever that master recordings of songs from each of the three artists will appear as part of a band video game. Power Gig will also feature a host of songs from major label artists and emerging talent from the indie scene, many of which are available for the first time ever in music games.


Power Gig: Rise of the SixString and all of its controllers are compatible with Rock Band® & Guitar Hero® games and peripherals*. Go to for more information.

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString - Game + Guitar (XBOX 360) (from their site)

    Power Gig: Rise of the SixString Game

    • Power Gig: Rise of the SixString, the revolutionary band video game with a fully immersive storyline takes you beyond beat matching and into a world of characters, special powers, and an epic journey to save rock and roll.
    • Featuring songs from exclusive artists Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, and Kid Rock
    • A robust and intensely fun list of 70 songs from music superstars and emerging indie talent - more than 80% of songs have never been used in a video game.
    • Rise, rock, resist!

    SixString Guitar Controller
    • Rock it Real with strings not buttons - the first real guitar that's also a game controller.
    • Power Chord mode lets you dive into real playing - play power chords from your favorite in-game tunes - no prior guitar experience required!
    • When you’re done gaming, plug into an amp, crank it up, and play guitar for real.

$ 149.99

Parents with Style Highly recommends the Power Gig.

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When shopping for the gamers in your life make sure you stop and pick up Wii Party! This is a fantastic game that will get the whole family off the couch. Our family has played a ton of games and I can tell you the one I love the most is the the balance game where you balance Mii's on the ship. I is so much fun and funny to watch. My girlfriend Tonya is a fricken addict..she cannot put the remote down. It cracks me up watch her balance the Mii's...she is like a kid in the candy store.

Wii Party is a party game developed by Nintendo for the Wii gaming console. The game is an evolution in the party game genre, in which along with standard Wii party game action beloved by gamers, players use the Wii Remote in new ways that encourage player interaction in the physical gameplay space, affecting in-game action. The game features more than 70 party games, broken into multiple game categories, 1-4 player game support and new and fun ways to integrate Miis into your gameplay.

Example of Wii Party innovative use of the Wii Remote

An Electronic Game Board for the Whole Family

Most video games require players to focus their attention on a screen, but now Nintendo brings the action into the living room with Wii Party, a game that changes the way people interact with other players.

Wii Party is a family-friendly party game featuring 13 different party game modes and 70+ mini-games. Individual games are diverse in design, incorporate importable or system generated Miis, and fall into several different categories. These include: Party Games supporting 1-4 players that in some cases utilize an in-game game board, navigated with the use of Miis and dice rolls; Pair Games, supporting up to two players in co-op play; and House Party Games, which support 2-4 live players and utilize the Wii Remote to create differing dynamics between players.

Nevaeh was a trooper while playing this new game and even helped Korbyn learn some new games. This is the perfect game for all of us here in the Midwest who get stuck inside most of the winter. It keeps you moving and not sitting on your butt all day.

Key Game Features

  • Some of the 13 different party game modes take the fun out of the TV and into the living room. Players have to interact with one another in the real world to get the results they want in the game. Examples of House Party gameplay include:
    • A take off on "Spoons", in which players place their Wii Remotes on a table. Each one emits a different animal noise. Players win the round by being the first to grab the controller that is making the sound of the animal shown on the TV.
    • Players use Wii Remote controllers to play Hide and Go Seek, where one player asks the other players to leave the room and then hides all of the controllers around the living room. When the other players return, they have to find them.
  • Wii Party features multiplayer variety. Some of the party game modes are cooperative, such as "Balance Boat." Others are competitive, such as "Board Game Island."
  • In Board Game Island mode, players help their Mii characters compete in more than 70 different mini-games:
    • Mii characters ride a rollercoaster while players try to shoot down floating balloons containing gifts.
    • Players use their Wii Remote controllers to help Mii characters navigate a virtual game of tag.
  • For multiplayer modes, additional Wii Remote controllers are required and are sold separately.

Additional Screenshots

In-game Party Game Mode use of a game board from Wii Party
In-game board action.
View larger.
Mii integration into gameplay in Wii Party
13 game modes.
View larger.
Mini-game gameplay from Wii Party
2-4 player support.
View larger.
Co-op gameplay from Wii Party
Co-op play options.
View larger.

Product Description

Nintendo’s throwing the party of the year and everybody’s invited! Social Play Wii Party is a social experience for the entire family and beyond. By focusing on interactive group play that features Mii characters as the stars, Wii Party isn’t the life of the party...YOU are! All-New Experiences Wii Party introduces several new ways to play that break the traditional party-game mold. These games change how players interact with each other by taking what’s on the TV screen and bringing the action out into the living room. From carefully passing the Wii Remote controller around like a time bomb, to searching for hidden Wii Remote controllers, these games turn Wii Party into a house party! Board Games and Beyond Wii Party features 13 unique party games that include interactive four-player board games, cooperative and competitive two-player games, familiar favorites like bingo, and over 80 mini games that feature all types of game play and motion control. With Mii characters front and center, there’s something for everyone...starring everyone!

Product Features

  • Interactive game boards that utilize player's Miis to roll dice and move across the board
  • Over family friendly 70 mini-games in all
  • 13 different party game modes take the fun out of the TV and into the living room
  • Games utilize the Wii Remote to force players to interact with one another in the real world in ways that affect in-game process
  • Wii Party features multiplayer variety, including competitive and cooperative gameplay
Parents with Style highly recommends Wii Party for Chirstmas 2010

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

ZHU ZHU's for Christmas 2010

ZHU ZHU PARTY for the girls!

ZHU ZHU Pets are a hit in our house. Our little Paityn thinks they are real and she is always hesitant to touch them at first. So in November we host a girly party for the launch of Zhu Zhu's new little beauty salon. The girls were so excited when we started the party! We let them all pick their very own new pet to pamper. Then they went to wardrobe and chose a whole new outfit for their furry little friend. Once the girls and their Zhu Zhu's were all dressed for the party we assembled the new ramp that attaches to the salon. There you can look in the mirror and style your Zhu Zhu's hair under the blow dryer. So cute!!!

This Ashley pampering her new little pet.

The newer Zhu Zhu's have longer fur on their heads so that you can style them or place a bow in their hair.

Parents with Style gave the new Zhu Zhu's 5 out of 5 stars. We loves these toys and would buy them for our friends and family. The kids played for hours and then cared for their pets as is they were a new born baby!

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Toy Story 3 Action Link Toys!

We had a blast hosting a TOY STORY 3 Action Links party! We invited a bunch of our friends and put a whole bunch of sets together to while drinking a few cocktails. I had all of my friends over and gave each of the adults a set to set up. All of the kids got some of the little characters to play with then take home later. We had a riot!!

I can say that the sets did take awhile to set up and they are a little in you can't really "play rough" with them. My suggestion is to store them in a rubbermaid when play time is all over. There are a ton of pieces and if they get lost it will be hard to link all of the sets together.

I love the little figures that came with the party supplies. Korbyn is addicted to playing with them and can role play like no other kid in america. :)

Nathan our neighbor played with the toys for a long time and really enjoyed himself.

The sets link up so that the kids can attach the action figures with the sets.

All of the kids at the party LOVED the pig..they kept yelling "PIG ATTACK!"

This is the little train attachment.

Overall, we had a riot with the this something I would buy for other kids? I give these sets a rating of a 2 out of 5. Not my favorite toys that the kids own. They took a long time to put together and they come apart too easily.

The little character figures received a rating of 5 out of 5...yes, I would buy the figures for other kids. LOVE THEM!!

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The Film

The Search for Santa Paws is exactly the type of movie that would run on ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas." The special effects are bad, the music is bad, and the cast is filled with faces that you won't know, but swear you've seen elsewhere. In other words, it's perfect holiday fodder for the kids.

The whole "we need to save Santa Claus" theme has been done to death, but Santa Paws truly takes it to the next level. It manages to borrow from a variety of other movies, most of which are equally bad caliber.

Santa (Office Space's Richard Riehle) gets swiped by a cab, loses his memory, his magic necklace, and his BFF Paws (voiced by Zachary Gordon). Like all wandering homeless men, he scores a job as a local Santa, at a toy store newly acquired by married couple Kate and James Huckle (Bonnie Somerville and John Ducey). Oh -- and there are also orphans. You can't have a sappy Christmas movie without those, right? There are plenty of doe-eyed waifs, but the main ones are played by Madison Pettis and Kaitlyn Maher. Surprisingly, they are insanely cute and very well kept, considering how horribly they are treated. Apparently, it's not such a hard-knock life after all.


At least, it won't be for too long, because that's really what sappy Christmas movies are all about. Add The Search for Santa Paws to that pile, and add it you will, because the kiddos won't care much about the bad story or the cheesy special effects. It has Santa and puppies and presents aplenty. It also gets an extra point for making my kid fear the naughty list. Expect to buy this and watch it repeatedly.

The Picture

Santa's workshop is filled with all of the wonder and colors you'd expect. Colors throughout the movie are nice, as is the detail. The strands on Santa's beard and white hair really pop, but when don't they? That said, there just seems to be something missing here. Maybe a bit of magic? The 1.78:1 transfer is far from the best-looking Christmas movie, but certainly not even close to the worst.

The Sound

Santa Paws has a whole lot of dialogue, which is delivered nicely by this DTS-HD Master Audio track. However, it features an impressive amount of surround use, considering its low-budget background. There's plenty of chatter and street noises, and even a bit Santa's special effects fly through the soundfield on a fairly regular basis. The songs also deliver a nice punch, but there really aren't enough of them to call this a musical. Instead, they seem thrown in for good measure, like it's a holiday movie prerequisite.

The Extras

This release deserves a spot on the naughty list for this pitiful collection of extras. The main short is "The Hucklebuckle Hero," an annoying, but animated short featuring some of the pups from the movie. That said, the kids should lap up the entire seven minutes. Other than that, there's a music video, deleted scenes, and subtitle options for songs.

Final Thoughts

If you're stockings have been stuffed to the gills with movies from Christmas past, there's truly no harm in The Search for Santa Paws. Just remember that this one is geared towards younger kids. Adults will find little to nothing of interest here, unless you enjoy their smiling, reindeer-in-the-headlights gazes. Rachel C.


STREET DATE: November 23, 2010
Direct prebook: 9/28/10
Distributor prebook: 10/12/10
Suggested retail price: DVD 29.99 SRP (US), $35.99 (Canada); Blu-ray $39.99 (US) and
$44.99 (Canada)
Rated: US: G / Canada: English and French not yet rated
Bonus Material not rated in the US.

About Disney's Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack:

To provide consumers with unprecedented quality, value and portability of their favorite Disney movies, in 2008 Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment pioneered the Combo Pack – a Blu-ray Disc plus a DVD in a single package.

Huckle Buckle Hero Intro (Bonus)

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