Saturday, December 4, 2010

ZHU ZHU's for Christmas 2010

ZHU ZHU PARTY for the girls!

ZHU ZHU Pets are a hit in our house. Our little Paityn thinks they are real and she is always hesitant to touch them at first. So in November we host a girly party for the launch of Zhu Zhu's new little beauty salon. The girls were so excited when we started the party! We let them all pick their very own new pet to pamper. Then they went to wardrobe and chose a whole new outfit for their furry little friend. Once the girls and their Zhu Zhu's were all dressed for the party we assembled the new ramp that attaches to the salon. There you can look in the mirror and style your Zhu Zhu's hair under the blow dryer. So cute!!!

This Ashley pampering her new little pet.

The newer Zhu Zhu's have longer fur on their heads so that you can style them or place a bow in their hair.

Parents with Style gave the new Zhu Zhu's 5 out of 5 stars. We loves these toys and would buy them for our friends and family. The kids played for hours and then cared for their pets as is they were a new born baby!

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