Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Parents with Style's review of FUZZOODLES!


About two weeks ago we hosted a party for friends at our house featuring FUZZOODLES! You know those commercials you see on the kids channels? Fuzzoodles look like big thick pipe cleaners that you can bend and shape into any position you desire. Each kit contains a bunch of Fuzzoodles and additional add on pieces. Pieces included are shoes, purses, eyes, skirts, and lips.

Fuzzoodles were a total hit at our party! The kids played for a few hours and came up with many different little creatures. They also had a little fashion show displaying each one in a runway walk.

What did we think???? Hands down this was a WINNER!! If you haven't added Fuzzoodles to your holiday shopping list...then you need to today. This is an in-expensive toy that will entertain your kids for hours. It is an easy toy to bring along for road trips and a night at Grandma and Grandpa's. We love glue or tape!


Create oodles of furry Fuzzoodles! Start with bendable, twistable fuzzy noodles, and mix them with easy-to-connect plastic parts to create wacky, silly characters. Whether you twist it, bend it, ball it, build it or pose it, you'll be noodling and Fuzzoodling in no time!

What You Get

  • (12) 18"L Fuzzoodle noodles
  • (12) 9"L Fuzzoodle noodles
  • 26 plastic parts including eyes, noses, mouths, hands, accessories and bases
  • Fuzzoodles Idea Book


  • Reusable
  • No glue, no mess
  • Wide variety of colors and features
  • Great for boys and girls
  • Decorate everyday items with Fuzzoodle characters by twisting them onto pens, backpacks, doorknobs, headphones and more
  • Noodles made of wire and polyester chenille
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Made in China

HANNAH AND KENZIE showing off their creations!!


We also enjoyed some pizza!

OK, Yes, the boys enjoyed the Fuzzoodles also..but they destroyed theirs before I could grab my camera to take a picture.

The kids all got to take a bunch of the product home. Hannah's older brothers were very interested in playing with them and created a bunch of FUZZOODLE characters on Saturday afternoon following our party. So yep, even boys will enjoy these.

We recieved gift sets of Fuzzoodles a long with tote bags to host our party! All of the kids who attended the party were sent home with Fuzzoodles to make their own creations at home. All of the opinions were our own and our guest opinions.

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