Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Holiday Gift Guide 2012

With our kids getting older and discovering how to tell time. We chose the Hello Kitty alarm clock as only of the perfect gifts this Holiday season for young kids. This clock is so easy use and the kids can play their cds all by themselves. I can't tell you how many times we have heard Justin Bieber songs bellowing out of Nevaehs' room.

Check out all of the great products that has to offer.

Haven't heard of Sparklebee?? Here is some info about Sparklebee from their site:

We’ve created over 100 products you know and love.

In 2001, Marino Andriani, after leaving his position as President of Emerson Radio, started MALLC with the idea of designing and producing quality consumer electronics products specifically for girls and women.
Marino first acquired the Hello Kitty license for North America and within a few years expanded his distribution to every continent in the world. From distinctive clock radios and telephones, MALLC eventually covered just about every possible electronic product Hello Kitty could make.
MALLC then expanded into small appliances with toasters that made toast with Hello Kitty’s face on them, to waffle makers and sandwich makers also with the ability of imprinting the world’s favorite cat face onto the food these products made.
Between 2005 and 2009 Marino made products for Strawberry Shortcake, Tweety and American Idol although Hello Kitty remained the company’s #1 brand.
For 2011 MALLC will roll out Paul Frank products which will be high styled with step up features that Marino Andriani has become famous for.
Marino Andriani
You Never Know What’s Next At Sparklebee.
Here at Sparklebee you get a chance to interface directly with Marino. He is interested in what you think and wants to know how he can make his products even better. You can follow him on Twitter and be friends with him on Facebook, but mostly you can see what’s going on here at
At Sparklebee you will see the coolest products before everyone else and even
get a chance to win them for free.

You can get a ton of great products from Sparklebee for your Holiday needs!!

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talha said...

This clock is awesome for sending a gift.what is its price.

send gifts to Pakistan from UK