Saturday, December 1, 2012


Don't forget these top picks from Parents with Style.
Deck the Halls with Tunes from Kidz Bop Christmas Party!
Rocking out with the kids this year will be a blast with this CD. All of the songs kids love and at an affordable price. Only $11.98. Don't forget to pop in your cars CD player for a fun rockin' ride to Grandma's house!

Hello Kitty high tech Bluetooth headset. This is adorable and will turn heads of all of your friends.
Check out all of the products at If you are a HELLO KITTY lover then you will be in heaven when peeking around this site. Hello Kitty bluetooth headset kit includes: bluetooth headset, super kawaii ear hook, USB charger, car charger three ear cushions and a pink carrying case.

Red Toolbox- This is what my little man Korbyn will be getting. This is such a cool set of tool's that will make him feel just like daddy! Fixin everything around the house!
Includes: Tool Belt, 2 Screwdrivers, 2 x 2" Clamps, File, Saw, Mini Hammer

MEGABLOKS-Love these bloks because they are really easy for Paityn to play with. Large pcs that are easy to keep track of.
  • Symbols to inform parents on the huge benefits of block play
  • A sturdy bag for easy storage and carriage
  • Clinical research found that playing with blocks improves childrens language development by 15%, and reduces television watching by 80%
  • Clinical research found that playing with blocks improves childrens language development by 15%, and reduces television watching by 80%

The must-have digital crafting tool

All types of projects
Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 has been specifically tailored with the digital scrapbooker in mind and contains all the tools and features you need to create your best scrapbooks yet. We love this kit and know you will also. If you have person who loves to make scrapbooks than this is a hit with our reviewers. You can make so many things that will WOW your friends and family with your creativity.
  • Create scrapbooks, cards and loads more
  • Extremely easy and fun to use
  • Create your own kits from items you’ve made or downloaded
  • Powerful PhotoLab to edit your photos
  • Digital crafting tools like scissors, stencils and brushes
  • Upload designs for free at DaisyTrail

Tinker Bell Pixie Pocket Learner
@ only $19.99 this is a perfect gift for that little techie in your life.
  • Trendy junior learning handheld device
  • Fine TinkerBell theme graphic on top
  • QWERTY keyboard reinforces real computer keyboard layout
  • Grayscale LCD screen provides guidance, feedback and reward
  • Pretend "SMS" message from TinkerBell
  • 8 awesome games
  • Rubber-Key top
  • Ages 3+

STAY FIT THIS SEASON WITH Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatium 2011

A one-on-one training session with Jillian will whip your butt into shape. This workout is not for for the whimpy kid. Jillian will be hard on you and will motivate you to get up and workout!!
Jillian's program takes into account three factors — self, science, and sweat. Weight loss is a process that's both mental and physical. There are no gimmicks or get-skinny-quick schemes here — we're talking about fitness for life! You're going to have to tackle three hurdles before you can finally get fit: you need to get support, eat right, and exercise!

Family Party: Fitness Fun is the ultimate fitness game for kids. The only game designed for kids to play simultaneously with their parents, Fitness Fun features 30 multiplayer sports, party games, and Wii Balance Board activities. It puts the Fun in Fitness!
  • Total variety. A unique combination of sport, party and playground activities that put the Fun in Fitness
  • 30 unique activities, including trampolines, skydiving, volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and even mental exercises
  • Intense timed workout mode lets players create a nonstop exercise series
  • Multiplayer mode specifically designed for families to play together. All games available for up to 4 players. Fitness rewards include rankings, high scores, and medals
  • Wii Balance Board mode. Roll giant balls, ride a hoverboard, participate in step workouts,and more in 10 games featuring the Wii Balance Board (optional). Balance Board multiplayer lets parents motivates kids through simultaneous gameplay
This game is a hit in our house. The kids love the games and actually fight over taking turns. (yeah..we are working on that) Well, all I can say is that this is a fun game that offers many options of game play for your kiddos.

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