Friday, December 21, 2012


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So excited that this year we will be giving our little Paityn the Gingerbread Hello Kitty!  Look how adorable she is. My kids are all about Build-A-Bear right now. I can't tell you how many awesome outfits Santa is bringing them. It is so girls would rather play with their BUILD-A-BEARS than their American Girl Dolls. I think there is a magical moment in your child's life when they are literally putting the love stuffing into their new toys! I love watching my kids kiss the little heart and bury it deep in the stuffing of their new toy! HOW AWESOME!! We recommend giving this toy this HOLIDAY SEASON! LOVE IT!!! 

Back on November 1st, Build-A-Bear Workshop will sweeten the season with its new line of festive gifts with fragrant accessories.
Limited Edition Merry Mint Pup ($20) dressed in a stripes & dots dress ($8.50), red & white striped flats ($7.50), red & white candy stripe bows ($2.50), and stripes & dots leash and collar ($5) comes with a mint-scented bone. Complete this tail-wagging gift with a red & white pet bed ($12).
Give a real treat with the adorable limited edition Christmas Cookie Bear($20). This friend is perfectly present-able dressed in a candy cane tulle skirt outfit ($12.50), red & white candy stripe bow ($2.50) and red & white striped flats ($7.50) and comes with a vanilla-scented sugar cookie.
For the first time ever, Build-A-Bear Workshop is introducing Gingerbread Hello Kitty® ($23). This world-famous friend is ready to spice up the holidays dressed in a red sequin faux-fur dress ($12.50), white faux-fur trim purse with bow ($5) and red heels ($7.50), with a gingerbread-scented cookie. This friend makes a fashionable gift!
All of these furry friends include a scented accessory that captures the delightful smells of the season. These super sweet-smelling friends combine comforting holiday scents with warm hugs to create a unique gift for children, and adults (who are kids at heart).

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